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About SeraLabs

It's all about living a better life!

The whole team here at SeraLabs is committed and passionate about creating products that simply put, make life better. Our Hemp Extract and Nutri-Strip products are designed to make us look and feel better and contribute to a healthier happier life. It's that simple. 


To All Valued Partners,


As a standout leader in its industry, Sera Labs, unlike our competitors, are direct-to-consumer and retail brand marketing experts in Consumer Product Goods. Selling successfully to a consumer or a buyer is a big job, but having recurring revenue and sell-thru in retail is the sign of success. Sell-in and sell-thru are key!

So, Sera Labs is very excited to announce our December 2019 thru June 2020 marketing strategy supporting you, our retail partners.


With superior products & packaging, and our retail placement, we are positioned for an aggressive omni-channel marketing strategy. While the company only began selling product in mid-July 2018, Sera Labs currently has amassed over 250,000 customers with over $400,000/month in digital advertising expenditures and growing. 


We see the future of Sera Labs CBD products growing and surpassing expected performance.

Sera Labs will support the retail trade with a multi-faceted/multi-million dollar advertising budget for high velocity sell thru. 


Please review our advertising and retail support through Q1 of 2021 and let’s jump on a call to discuss at your convenience. 2021 will be massive for SeraLabs!

Young Family
Best Friends
Summer Love
Happy Senior Couple

When you choose SeraLabs you just can't lose!

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