Wellness Products and CBD-CPG Products May Be Poised for Incredible Sales Growth Post Covid-19

Lets face it: things are going to change when we all get through this. Life will get back to its “new normal,” whatever that looks like. Retail foot traffic will resume, and consumer-buying habits will be affected, but what does that look like for CPG companies, CBD suppliers, marketers, and retail merchants? I am not a scientist nor a retail analyst but I have been on the cutting edge of market trends for the bulk of my career in consumer product development and, without a doubt, consumers are now deluged with health information daily as they are locked in their homes. We are all getting a crash course in respiratory issues, immune system deficiencies, and how easily certain viruses can quickly change our lives and the world economy.

What makes CBD products standout in the overall orbit of health and wellness products? I have been working for SeraLabs now for over a year, and the entire team has worked tirelessly on messaging the benefits of CBD while working within the legal parameters and guidelines as determined by all the experts and federal agencies. There is a very strong but small group of relevant CBD companies within the space that have planted their feet and resisted the temptations to exploit consumer misconceptions about CBD. Companies like SeraLabs have played by the rules, avoiding outlandish claims regarding the health benefits of CBD products. However, lets discuss what we do know and why this incredible plant extraction is different.

CBD has been shown to potentially balance the immune system by reducing the activity of T cells while supporting the activity of the body's Natural Killer cells that detect a virus and attack it.

CBD has been shown to support the body’s healthy inflammatory response. Reduction of Inflammation in lung tissue is key to fighting off certain viruses and ultimately the reduction in inflammation within the lungs will support overall respiratory function.

CBD has been found to “possibly” reduce mild stress. Stress has been found to have a dramatic effect on our immune system.

So yes, I have strategically and carefully highlighted just three potential benefits for the case of utilizing hemp derived CBD products for all of us and without going into great detail. Why? Because the messaging is up to companies like SeraLabs and others to continue to get the word out in a scientifically supported and responsible manner. Many new studies are coming, and many have already been completed.

We are in a period of hyper accelerated government activity regarding health issues. The average consumer has never been so tuned in with managing their health, specifically their immune system, respiratory issues, and the mitigation of stress.

In my humble opinion we are about to enter not just a new expansion phase for wellness products but a potential point in time where CBD suppliers in collaboration with our government agencies and universities must provide clear messaging about the benefits and not just to make a buck but for the greater collective good.

About the writer:

John Cammarano is currently lead brand strategist for Sera Labs Inc.  and has developed over a dozen consumer branded products throughout his career spanning over 25 years resulting in over 2 Billion dollars at retail.