SeraLabs Gets Involved

What started out as a simple donation has become a full out pivot for much of the SeraLabs staff to utilize our contacts and talents in procuring PPE products from overseas and the U.S. alike.  We have engaged all affiliations whether Federal, State, Hospital Administrators, even retailers to assist in the distribution of Personal Protection Equipment to our healthcare workers on the front line.  

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We have secured multiple credible sources for much needed supplies and continue to monitor the market for updated supply chains

General Purpose Masks

3 Ply Surgical Style

Hand Sanitizer

12oz. Units

KN95 Medical Grade

Fully Vetted Suppliers


Vinyl & Latex

*All Suppliers are FDA registered facilities and have been manufacturing medical supplies for a minimum of 5 years

All Pricing is DELIVERED to Customers D.C.

GP 3ply Surgical Style Mask  

NON BFE Certified

  • 175,000 units available NOW 3/31/30 NY Warehouse

  • 500K PER Week allocation

  • Available for receipt 5 days from P.O. Date


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KN95 Respirator Mask

In Stock:

The KN95 is NIOSH approved and the international equivelent to the 3M N95 unit.  This FFR is the industry standard outside of the N95. Filters 95 percent of particles and mass median diameter of .3 Micrometers

MOQ: 50,000 units

Hand Sanitizer 12 Ounce

  • 28,000 units

  • Original masters

  • Fresh production

  • Paid before pickup

  • Fob LA Calif

  • 98 cases a pallet

  • Item # 12012

  • Size: 12 fl oz

  • Upc: 564651120123 

  • Case pack: 24

3ply Level 2 BFE certified Surgical Mask

  • 3 Ply Surgical with Bacterial Filtration Efficiency rating great than 95%

  • All certificates on file

  • FDA registered Manufacturer

  • 50 pcs per box 2000 per master case

  • 500k per week capacity

  • FOB NY - Call for Quote

4 ply level 3 BFE surgical Mask

  • Fully certified FDA approved Level 3 Surgical Mask

  • All Certs on file

  • 50 pcs per box 

  • 400k per week capacity

  • FOB Los Angeles: Call for Quote

Gloves  Vinyl & Latex 

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