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December 8th, 2020

Nicole Kidman Joins Sera Labs as 

a Strategic Partner and Global Brand Ambassador 

Sera Labs announced that Nicole Kidman will become a major contributor to the success of

Seratopical and Sera Labs topical problem solution products. The whole team at Sera Labs is extremely excited to have Nicole join in our mission to offer the most innovative cutting edge solution based facial and body topical products. 

Together we are Creating a Skincare Wellness Revolution

The company is currently collaborating with several retail merchants and Nicole to bolster visibility at store level while rolling out an aggressive National marketing & advertising campaign  across multiple channels.


2021 will be a GREAT year for Seratopical and Sera Labs products! 

Nicole truly has aligned herself with the company’s mission to bring to market results-oriented products that capitalize on not just CBD but moreover the unique blended formulations that build on the company’s years of experience in topical products.  She will be a strategic part of the development team and help to guide and consult on new product innovations at store level.

Seratopical Skin Wellness products and Sera Labs external pain products are currently sold throughout the U.S. across multiple channels of trade including some of the largest Drug and Grocery retailers in the world.


“The partnership with SeraLabs was an easy decision for me,” states Kidman, SeraLabs Strategic Partner and Global Brand Ambassador. “With my injury last year, I experienced the benefit of CBD wellness products firsthand. I believe these products are a vital solution in health and wellnessand SeraLabs is a company I believe in. Joining them in this partnership is something I am very excited about!”


We hope you will reach out and partner with us for success. ** Retailer Tagging available.

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October 1st, 2020

SeraLabs Acquired by CURE Pharmaceuticals

CURE Pharmaceutical Completes $20 Million Acquisition of Sera Labs, a Leading Health, Wellness and Beauty Brand Marketing and Multi-Channel Distribution Platform Company

– Acquisition to Support Cash Flow Positive Goal in ~18 Months –

CURE Pharmaceutical Holdings (OTC: CURR) today announced its definitive agreement to acquire Sera Labs, Inc. The closing is anticipated to occur in early October.

As previously announced, the transaction consists of an up-front payment of $20 million, of which $1 million was paid in cash and $19 million has been allocated in CURE stock at a valuation of $2.75 per share. The transaction also includes an initial, additional commitment of $4 million for working capital in support of accelerating Sera Labs’ growth, and earn out incentives of up to an additional $20 million in CURE stock at a valuation of $3.34 per share within two years. The structure of the earn out balances the risk and reward between CURE stockholders and Sera Labs’ management. It also aligns Sera Lab’s high-margin, retail and direct-to-consumer business platform with CURE’s cGMP manufacturing of differentiated dosage forms for superior delivery of actives, that includes nutraceutical, health & wellness, and pharmaceutical products delivered via CURE’s oral dissolvable thin film technology.

“Our acquisition of Sera Labs has been validated over the last few months as we have seen a strong cultural fit and expanded opportunities including a pivot to tele-wellness through which we will deliver to consumers science-based products that meet their personalized wellness objectives,” said Rob Davidson, CURE Pharmaceutical CEO. “Consumers will soon have access to CURE’s proprietary formulations under the Sera Labs brand in the coming weeks. We believe the rest of 2020 will set the stage to make 2021 a breakout year for the Sera Labs wellness business as well as for CURE Pharmaceutical.”

Jonathan Berlent, Chief Business Officer, added, “It is clear that Sera Labs brings to CURE the best platform to effectively deliver our innovative products and dosage forms to the market. With Sera Labs’ expertise in brand marketing and multi-channel distribution platform, we can now give consumers greater access to the dosage forms and drug delivery technologies they seek. The next step is to educate the consumer and deliver on consumer preference for direct access to science based therapeutics.”

Nancy Duitch, founder and CEO of Sera Labs, who will continue as the CEO of Sera Labs, as well as assuming the additional role as Chief Strategic Officer of CURE’s Wellness Division, stated, “Since founding Sera Labs, we have fast become a standout leader in the CBD beauty and health & wellness industries. Before forming Sera Labs, our team drove billions of dollars in sales for well-recognized brands. Today, this same team has reached another milestone by joining with CURE. With the consummation of the transaction, the Sera Labs’ team is excited to introduce consumers to CURE’s innovative delivery system, which we believe will change the way they take daily nutraceuticals. With the combined strength of Sera Labs in the categories of health, wellness and beauty and with CURE Pharmaceutical’s cutting edge technology, we have a unique opportunity to become the leading brand known for excellence, innovation and differentiation.”


How CURE Pharmaceutical is committed to improving health and wellness

CURE Committed to Health


This inspiring story is of a rising startup called CURE Pharmaceutical started by Rob Davidson. CURE Pharmaceutical is a vertically-integrated healthcare company focused on developing, manufacturing, and marketing groundbreaking delivery methods for pharmaceutical drugs and nutraceutical supplements across multiple categories. CURE acquired beauty, health, and wellness leader The Sera Labs, Inc. in 2020 to further its revenue generation strategy and bring its unique technology to market. Here is the story of CURE Pharmaceutical in Rob’s own words.


Introduce us to the idea of CURE Pharmaceutical

CURE Pharmaceutical was founded on its impressive intellectual property portfolio led by its patented drug delivery platform called CUREform™. CUREform™ pairs the right dosage form with the best formulation for optimal delivery of therapeutic actives. The CUREform™ platform includes its oral dissolvable film, CUREfilm™, an oral thin film formulation that makes medications easier to take, more efficacious, with improved tolerability and fewer side effects, as well as CUREdrops™, water-based formulas stabilize oil-based and water-soluble ingredients for increased bioavailability, CUREpods™ a novel chewable delivery system, and CUREcream™ topical solution.


CUREfilm™ has generated a lot of research and development interest, and the company just received Investigational New Drug (IND) application approval for its formulation CUREfilm Blue™ for erectile dysfunction.


The company has also completed a pharmacokinetic (PK) study for its 25mg cannabidiol (CBD) oral thin film that showed improved bioavailability of cannabidiol in healthy subjects, compared with commercially available 25mg soft gels. The study also suggests that the CUREform™ delivery platform, which entails solubilization and encapsulation of the molecule, might deliver better results than solubilization alone, as used in the soft gel product, and may play a synergistic or additive role in bioavailability.

By providing patients who may have trouble swallowing or do not have access to clean drinking water with an alternative to receiving their needed drugs and supplements, CURE looks to shake up the pharmaceutical industry.


The company also hopes that other pharmaceutical companies and drug manufacturers will see that CURE’s thin-film technology may be a better option than pills or liquids in many situations because it allows patients to receive a much lower dose and still experience the same benefits


What’s your strategy story? What led you to start CURE Pharmaceutical?

The idea behind CURE first came to the company’s founders while on a trip to Africa. While there, they got a first-hand look at the current state of pediatric medicine in emerging countries. CURE’s founders noticed that children were being prescribed medicines that needed to be taken with water.


The problem is that emerging countries typically do not have easy access to clean drinking water. Oftentimes, un-sanitized water is the cause of the diseases the prescription aims to treat. Parents, desperate to keep their children healthy and alive, were giving their children soda or juice to take medicine.


Unknowingly, parents were making their children’s medicine ineffective and, as a result, many children were dying of completely curable diseases. CURE’s founders knew there had to be a better way to save these young lives, so they set out to develop a drug delivery technology that required no water for intake.


The result is CURE’s flagship innovative oral thin-film technology. Storage and shipping costs are also important in emerging countries where they have limited funds and storage space. CURE’s oral thin films are more cost-effective and compact to ship than pills and can be easily stored in rolls. CURE is a people-focused, purpose-driven company committed to improving health and wellness by widening accessibility to essential food and medicines on a global scale.


What marketing, operation strategies are you adopting at CURE Pharmaceutical?

2020 was a landmark year for CURE as we became better-positioned as a fully-integrated healthcare company with strengths in pharma, beauty, health, and wellness. Our new focus on preventative healthcare allowed us to capitalize on our existing core competencies while expanding our verticals into areas that generate revenue in the beauty, health, and wellness markets.


We plan to build upon our legacy of success in pharmaceutical drug delivery and innovation and, with the help of Sera Labs, become a revenue-generating healthcare company with expertise in not only product development but sales and distribution of high-impact health and wellness solutions.


We are optimistic about generating revenue with our existing technologies in the wellness vertical but without the need for partners. Sera Labs is already a well-established multi-channel marketing beauty, health, and wellness company with a proven track record.


With our cutting edge technology and their expertise in the market, we will amplify the company’s efforts and continue to drive record-breaking revenue on innovative products in the health & wellness, beauty, and pet categories. Sera Labs recently enlisted critically acclaimed actor Nicole Kidman as our strategic business partner and global brand ambassador. Nicole comes with a wealth of knowledge in the beauty sector and will be heavily involved in product development.

Any strategy mistakes you have made and what did you learn?

I find that mistakes are opportunities to learn and grow, and therefore don’t believe in mistakes. CURE has grown tremendously this past year. Our revenue from January 1-September 30, 2019 was $284K and for the same time in 2020, the company was able to secure $5.6 million. That’s an 1895% increase! We could not have achieved this without our newest acquisition of Sera Labs. We know that we will continue to be at the forefront of the pharmaceutical industry on new technologies and innovations as well as smart ways to stay profitable and fund our research.


Finally what advice do you have for your fellow entrepreneur readers?

My suggestion for this answer: If you see a problem, fix it. Don’t be afraid to take a risk and make that first step. Stay in a solution-based mindset and don’t get distracted by the naysayers. Surround yourself with like-minded people and if you’re not an expert in a particular field, hire the right staff to support your goals and efforts. Entrepreneurship may not be easy, but it’s extremely rewarding.

REX Award 2021

Sera Labs Inc., Wins Prestigious Retail Excellence Award

Health, Wellness, CBD and plant-based anti-aging skincare powerhouse, Sera Labs wins Drug Store News’ annual Natural Products Award

Los Angeles & Oxnard, CA, February 2, 2021 – The retailers have spoken! Sera Labs, Inc., the wholly owned subsidiary of CURE Pharmaceutical Holdings (OTCQB: CURR), announced today they have won the coveted Retail Excellence (REX Award) for Natural Products.


The Rex Awards have a long history of recognizing, and honoring category leaders in the industry. Sera Labs, the premiere health, wellness and anti-aging CBD and plant-based skincare company beat out hundreds of nominees for this highly sought-after recognition.


Retailers confidentially nominate businesses who are trailblazing and shaking up the industry with cutting-edge technology, as well as marketing and distribution which directly drive sales into the retailer. “Our team is comprised of seasoned marketers who always have the retailer top of mind,” states Nancy Duitch, Sera Labs CEO and CURE Pharmaceutical Chief Strategic Officer. “Receiving this award by the retailers and Drug Store News is a benchmark of success for the company and special honor for our team.”


Sera Labs’ mission is to be a solution-based company for their customers and retailers. The company uses only the highest quality ingredients and most stringent of testing for potency and accuracy. Additionally, in Q2 the company will launch new product innovations and a category creator hero product which will change the beauty industry. Strategic Partner and Global Brand Ambassador Nicole Kidman said, “I am so proud of my team for winning the REX Award. It’s a very exciting time for the company, and I look forward to sharing our new product innovations with retailers and customers very soon.” OR “I am so proud of my team for the hard work they are doing. It’s a very exciting time for the company, and I look forward to sharing our new product innovations with retailers and customers very soon.”


Winners of this award are companies who have helped shape the natural category and led the way in product innovation and merchandising. "We are proud to recognize Sera Labs as a 2021 recipient of the Drug Store News Retail Excellence Awards -- Natural," said Seth Mendelson, Editor in Chief and Associate Publisher of Drug Store News magazine. "Retailers constantly tell us the importance of having new brands and products on their shelves. The REX awards show what companies are taking those steps to bring innovation to the merchant and to help drive sales and profits. Sera Labs is one of those companies that stand on the cutting edge."


From Nancy: “We have worked hard to let our Retailers know they are always top of mind”, states Nancy Duitch, Sera Labs CEO and CURE Pharmaceutical Chief Strategic Officer. “It’s a special honor to receive this award by the retailers. We’d also like to thanks Drug Store news for this recognition.”


From Nicole: “I am so proud of my team for the hard work they are doing. It’s a very exciting time for the company, and I look forward to sharing our new product innovations with retailers and customers very soon.”

CBD Line NK Swears by

The CBD Skincare Line Nicole Kidman Swears By

US MAGAZINE: CELEBRITY BEAUTY - By Diana Cooper February 27th, 2021

Nicole Kidman has a new role in the beauty industry and it just happens to be the perfect fit for her! The Undoing star has a newfound love of CBD topicals, so it made sense for her to sign on with Seratopical as Strategic Business Partner and Global Brand Ambassador.

After sustaining an injury while jogging, Kidman, 53, experienced the benefit of CBD wellness products firsthand after a friend had introduced her to topical CBD.

“She tried it out and felt the benefits immediately,” Sera Labs brand founder Nancy Duitch tells Us Weekly. “CBD is a natural plant-based ingredient that is known for its anti-inflammatory properties. It’s a no-brainer for anyone who prefers to use more natural ingredients on their skin.”

Ahead of announcing her partnership in December 2020, Kidman shared with her followers, “I’ve been in love with their anti-aging skincare products for all ages and skin types for a while now.” She also told Forbes, “SeraLabs and I are aligned on the importance of empowering women within business. So, while I loved the products, I loved even more that I was joining a company that I had the same values around women in business as I do.”

As for the products Kidman swears by from the Seratopical by Sera Labs line, she shared that she loves the Rapid Soothing Pain Creme, and always carries it in her purse. “[I] love how easy it is to apply. It’s not messy at all,” Kidman said.

Her other favorites include some of the newer products like the Overnight Hand Therapy, Love Your Eyes Anti-Aging Serum and Radiant Glow Facial Oil. She’s also a fan of the Cracked Heel Souffle, which instantly improves cracked, dry heels and rough skin on the bottom of the feet. Products from the line contain 100mg-300mg CBD and other all-natural ingredients, such as manuka honey, coconut oil, and essential oils like peppermint and lavender.

The Big Little Lies actress is going to be more than just the face of the brand — unlike previous endorsement deals, she’s going to actually be “working on product development and creating products that are solution-based,” Duitch shares.

Follow along on Seratopical’s Instagram to see the wife of country crooner Keith Urban trying out the products herself. She recently showed fans how the Radiant Glow Facial Oil is applied and quipped, “bring on the dewy!” Her pal Melissa McCarthy also raved about Love Your Eyes to her followers, showing them how she applies it and mentioning, “Thanks Nic — that is good stuff!”

Now this is not Kidman’s first foray into the world of beauty and style. She had previous endorsement deals with Neutrogena and still works with Chanel No. 5 perfume and Omega watches as a brand ambassador.

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